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Bilfer Mining Inc. has been in the mining industry more than 60 years.  Bilfer had been establied in the city of Hatay for mining and processing of chromium.  With the increase in the international demand, Bilfer has expanded its business to central and southeast of Turkey.  After the foundation of the Turkish Steel Mills, Bilfer has become the largest privately owned local supplier of iron ore.
During 1960's to 1970's, Bilfer has reached over 1,000,000 metric tons of production per year which supplied most of the of the local market demand.
In order to be able to compete localy and internationally, Bilfer has been investing constantly in iron and chromium process plants.
The most important products that Bilfer has to offer; Metalurgical and Refractery chromit, have been supplied to the major ferrochrom and alloy producers from all around the world.
Since the 3rd quarter of 2003 the exports of Bilfer on both Metalurgical and Refractery Chromit has been over 150,000 metric tons.
For the last few years Bilfer has been increasing the product range for higher quality and has become a major supplier of concentrated refractory chromium and the finest molding chromium (dokum kumu) for which you can find the reference analysis below.
Bilfer has been and will be the leading mining company for high quality iron and chromium ore. To be able to compete worldwide, Bilfer knows the importance of consistency and high quality.  We always guarantee full consistency and highest quality.
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